Getting the Right Lighting For Kitchen Cabinets

September 20, 2016

Selecting the best cabinet style, color and quality is extremely important but something that people forget about is adding proper lighting. Lighting strategically placed in various aspects of your kitchen can add ambient, accent, task oriented and decorative touches.

Beneath Your Cabinets:  Lighting underneath your cabinets is extremely important to help prepare food and also for reading recipes when cooking. For under the cabinet lights you can look into puck lights and a lighting bar. Puck lights are great for targeted & adjustable lighting. A lighting bar offers brighter and more wide spread lights which covers a greater area.

Inside The Cabinets: Lights layered inside your kitchen cabinets can provide you with both functional and decorative purposes. If you have glass cabinets, a nice accent lighting is a beautiful decorative touch. If you have had trouble seeing items within a cabinet and need to shed lighting, lighting is a good addition.

On Top Of Cabinets: Nice lights which lay on top of your cabinets provides an ambient lighting solution which is perfect to set the mood for a room. When homeowners use LED efficient lighting, home owners can even afford to keep them on during the light. The bulb doesn’t get too warm and it allows for easy access when you are stumbling for a mid-night glass of water.

Toe Kick Lights: An additional option which can help you with your middle of the night snack are toe kick lights. They provide another warm glow which can be installed with strips of LED lights. Depending on what you are looking for, these can additionally be incorporated with a sensor.

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