Important Kitchen Cabinet Terms

October 24, 2016

If you’re shopping around for new cabinets, there is alot that is probably on your mind. It’s important as you look around that you are able to speak the language that many others could be using. Listed below are some terms that could make your cabinet purchasing process a little bit easier.

Close Grain is a type of wood used for cabinets that has very close fibers. Two types of wood that has a close grain includes maple & cherry wood.

Corbel is a piece of wood actually built into the wall itself to add support for a mantle or other shallow shelving. This differs from other support which is built into the mantle.

Angled Corner Cabinets are ones that fit to fill the corner a room. Many angle corner cabinets include a Lazy Susan inside of them.

Full Overlay is a type of cabinetry where the door covers the entire cabinet box.

A Hinge is the metal piece of hardware that connects the door to the cabinet box. It allows you to open and close the door.

An Onlay is a decorative design which is applied right onto the face of a cabinet. Usually providing a 3-D accent, an onlay adds some character that people are trying to achieve achieve.

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