Choosing Between Kitchen Islands & Kitchen Peninsulas

May 25, 2016

When designing your new kitchen remodel and selecting the perfect kitchen cabinets, many homeowners come to a point where they need to select an island or peninsula. While they both provide similar functions, certain kitchens would be best suited for islands and others for peninsulas. If you are considering these two options, here is a breakdown that will hopefully help you decide the best option for you.

What is the Difference Between Kitchen Island & Peninsula?

Kitchen islands & Peininsulas are similar but not the same thing. While kitchen islands and peninsulas both provide additional countertop space, they both have distinct differences. For starters, a kitchen peninsula refers to extended space from kitchen counters and cabinets. A kitchen island is a separate, stand-alone counter. Unlike a kitchen peninsula, a kitchen island is accessible from all sides.

Pros of Kitchen Island 

  • Extra Space and can Function as a Table
  • Unique Space where friends and family can hangout
  • Open area

Drawbacks of Kitchen Island

  • It can make a small room sometimes look cramped
  • Depending on the island size, you may feel that it’s too small for a sink installation or too small for seating
  • If you have a large family there may not be enough room for everyone to gather around

Pros of Kitchen Peninsula

  • If you have a small kitchen, a peninsula is great for being space-efficient
  • Cost-Effective
  • You are usually provided with more cabinet and more counter top space then islands.
  • If your kitchen is cramped for seating, you can use bars tools on the peninsula to maximize seating.

Drawbacks of Kitchen Peninsula

  • With family members working within the same area, there is less space to leave.
  • Not accessible from every angle
  • Not as Common as Kitchen Islands

Which Option is Better?

Kitchen islands and peninsulas are both useful, and there are no definitive answers on which option is better. It simply comes down to one’s preference, kitchen space, and budget. Take your time with the decision, and do not hesitate to ask others for advice.

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