Kitchen Islands vs. Kitchen Peninsulas

May 25, 2016

When designed your new kitchen remodel and selecting the perfect kitchen cabinets, many homeowners come to a point where they need to select a island or peninsula. If you are on the fence between these two options, we hope to provide some useful information in making your big decision.

What is a Kitchen Island?

A kitchen island is defined as a stand alone counter which is accessible from all sides. Since being accessible from all sides, it’s very frequent, convenient and practical.

Pros of Kitchen Island 

  • Extra Space
  • Space where friends and family can hangout
  • Open area, creates more space for people to enter and exit kitchen

Cons of Kitchen Island

  • It can make a small room sometimes look cramped
  • Depending on the island size, you may feel that it’s too small for a sink installation or too small for seating
  • If you have a large family there many not be enough room for everyone to gather around

What is a Kitchen Peninsula

A kitchen peninsula is a set of cabinets that are connected from one side of a kitchen.

Pros of Kitchen Peninsula

  • If you have a small kitchen, a peninsula is great for being space-efficient
  • You are provided with usually more cabinet and more counter top space then islands.
  • If your kitchen is cramped for seating, you can use bars tools on the peninsula to maximize seating.

Cons of Kitchen Peninsula

  • A peninsula can cause too much congested and backed up space. With family members working within the same area, there is less space to leave.
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