Hyde Park MA

Hyde Park is an historic neighborhood in the south of Boston. For a long time, it was its own city, before being annexed into Boston by popular vote. Today it boasts one of the most eclectic populations in all of Boston.

Despite technically being part of the city, Hyde Park (ZIP 02136) prides itself upon having a small-town feel. Classic architecture dominates the buildings of the area– styles from the 19th century through the 1930s. In fact, many of the residences in the area were built in the 30s.

The low relative cost of the many multi-family properties in the neighborhood, combined with the age of the buildings, makes them ripe for renovation. Such classic architectural style can be enhanced and accentuated with custom kitchen and bathroom designs provided by Discount Kitchens Etc. Our custom kitchen and bathroom cabinets can be designed to fit any floor plan in your property. All while maximizing the value you get from your budget.

If you’re renovating a property in Hyde Park, call Discount Kitchens Etc. for a consultation for custom kitchen and bathroom cabinetry. Our combination of quality, expertise, and price equates to a value that cannot be beaten. Call us today at (781) 337-8123, or contact us online via the form on the left of the page.



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