Jamaica Plain

Jamaica Plain’s history is as varied as its current residents. But the general theme of the neighborhood since the 1970s has been “renewal”. The residents of JP have worked tirelessly to improve their neighborhood, and in doing so have made it attractive to more residents, business, and property developers.

Starting over 40 years ago, Jamaica Plain (ZIP 02130) has been under constant efforts to renovate, remodel, replace, and otherwise improve its various properties. This effort continues even today, with the renovation of long-standing buildings into new businesses and multi-family homes.

Key to any renovation is quality. A shiny surface on cardboard products won’t last, and your investment and efforts will be lost. That’s what Discount Kitchens Etc. strives to bring to all of our customers. Whether you’re a homeowner remodeling your kitchen or a contractor/property manager renovating a multi-family building, we can offer you value that no other custom cabinet supplier can.

We provide quality kitchen and bath cabinets, at affordable price points, without sacrificing the customer experience. That’s our goal, and it’s what we’ve done since 1983.

Over our 30+ years in this industry we have fostered relationships with suppliers of top-quality cabinet materials. We’ve also honed our design expertise over countless projects. Do you have an unorthodox floor plan? An unconventional vision for your unit’s kitchens? We can accommodate it.

For more information about our pricing, designs, experience, and professional qualifications, call us at (781) 337-8123, or contact us online by using the contact form on the left side of the page. You can also come by the Discount Kitchens Etc. showroom and warehouse, located at 373 Washington St. in Weymouth. Directions are below!


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