Wholesale Discount Kitchen & Bath Cabinets

Contractors have plenty of sources for good-quality kitchen and bathroom cabinets for their projects, or heavy discounts for their budget. But no cabinet supplier can match the combination of price, quality, and excellent customer service that Discount Kitchens Etc. brings to the table. With DKE there is no choosing– you get it all, every time.

We’ve been in business supplying Boston and South Shore contractors with top-quality kitchen and bath cabinet materials since 1983. Our relationships with contractors have stood the test of time because we operate with one overall goal in mind: don’t sacrifice quality for the sake of price. We only carry brands with excellent records for quality. If it’s not the best at its price point, it’s not in our warehouse.

But quality doesn’t stop with our products. It permeates how we do business. When you come to us, you know you will get honest business, expert advice, and materials that fit your project. That’s our difference, and we are proud of it.

Get in touch to experience the difference, and get pricing on your kitchen and bathroom materials needs. Call us at (781) 337-8123, or drop by the showroom located at 373 Washington Street in Weymouth. Or fill out the contact form on the left and we’ll get in touch as soon as we can!

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