7 Great Ways To Do Black Cabinets The Right Way

July 28, 2016

Discount Kitchens has a wide range of customers and a robust selection of cabinets available. You can choose your perfect cabinet style, and color to get the look you are trying to achieve for in your kitchen. Each person seems to have their own personal taste and some people ask for black cabinets. This can be a bold and big leap for some people to take, but if you are going with black cabinets, follow these 7 principles to make it an easier transition.

1. Outline Your Cabinets In White: Black cabinets are the definition of sophistication and detailing them white brings some extra life to them.

2. Try It With Your Kitchen Island: If you are interested in black cabinets, you don’t have to go all out. Stick with black cabinetry to just your kitchen island to make a truly stunning focal point. To keep the entire kitchen cohesive, make the sure the drawer pulls are all the same despite the different color.

3. Accent With Brass: Adding brass accents to dark cabinets really makes them pop. Properly placing brass throughout your kitchen can help give off a rich contrast.

4. Offset Another Kitchen Asset With Black: Just because your kitchen cabinets are black, doesn’t mean that you can’t add anymore black in your kitchen. Choose a standout piece and match your black cabinets. Stools or chairs at your kitchen island could be the perfect option for this.

5.   Black, White, Wood, Green: This color combination seems to always be a winner. Black and white as the dominant fixtures and then the incorporation of greenery and wooden furniture are perfect accents.

6) White on Top, Black on Bottom: White cabinets on the top level help blend perfectly with black cabinets below. Black cabinets anchor the space down while white cabinets on top make the space feel open and airy.

7) Incorporate Metals: Stainless steel appliances and possibly a stainless steel table can be a fantastic option for cooks who need their counter space.

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