8 Easy Ways to Upgrade Basic Kitchen Cabinets

August 14, 2017

Are you tired with your dated cabinets? Add style and functionality to your kitchen to give the room a fresh new look! Upgrading your kitchen can be cost effective when done right. Here are some helpful tips:

Paint. Do your kitchen cabinets look a little tired? Instead of replacing them use semi-gloss enamel, this will spruce up your tired looking cabinets.

Lighting. Installing lighting on cabinets can do wonders to your kitchen. Use LED light at the top of your cabinets, task lighting from LED under-cabinet. Dimmable task lighting for the kitchen will bring comfort and moods.

Remove the doors. Lighten the environment of your closed-off kitchen by converting your ordinary cabinets to open shelving. The key is filling the shelves with items you use often but also keeps everything organized.

Add glass door inserts. Refacing your cabinets can cost around 20% of what replacing them would cost. It’s a small project that can be done yourself over a weekend. There are plenty of options when choosing a glass door that would make your cabinets pop and stand out.

Install roll-out shelving. Most custom kitchens have built-in features to add functionality, but there’s no reason why you can’t do the same within your budget. Roll-out shelves are a must as convenience is key to an efficient kitchen.

Add lid storage. Great storage to store your pots and their lids in the oven but inside the kitchen cabinet, not so much. Adding a handle behind doors makes the cabinet more functional and convenient when needing them.

Door rack for your spices. The backside of the kitchen cabinet door is a space with great potential that’s commonly wasted. A spice rack is an innovative way to free up space inside the cabinet and keep all those tiny bottles neat and tidy.

Add under-cabinet shelving. Make the most of the dead space underneath the upper shelves, it’s a clever way to store mugs, dessert plates, and other compact kitchen items.

Refacing is a smart way to spruce up your kitchen. It’s affordable, doable, and most importantly saves you money! If you are looking for a great deal for kitchen cabinets, be sure to get in touch with us at (781) 337-8123 for a free estimate.


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