Best Wood To Use For Your Kitchen Cabinets

November 25, 2019

If you’re installing new cabinets in your kitchen this fall, you may be wondering which material is best to use for your kitchen cabinet replacement! Depending on what you’re looking for out of your cabinets, from affordability to aesthetics, to durability, the best options will vary. Take a look at our blog to learn more about the benefits of different styles of wood for your kitchen cabinets!


One of the most common cabinet materials that homeowners often choose for their replacements is Maple. It is a popular cabinet material because it is relatively affordable due to its availability, as well as being customizable. While it is traditionally white to cream-colored, due to it’s fine wood grain, Maple can be stained any color you wish, allowing you to customize your kitchen.


Another popular cabinet material that many homeowners choose is Walnut. A dense, high-quality wood, it is perfect for cabinet replacements because it is both extremely durable due to its density, and also customizable. It is available in a wide array of natural colors, from cream all the way to dark-brown. The only disadvantage in comparison to Maple is that it is often a tad more expensive.


While Walnut & Maple are both considered hardwoods, Cherry is as well but it is far softer than the first two. Cherry lends itself well to red or brown finishes, and it is used in traditional settings such as libraries and office buildings because of the timeless beauty of its wood grains. It is typically a more expensive option than a number of other options but its beauty is well worth the price tag that it comes with!


Another popular kitchen cabinet material among homeowners is Oak. It is another hardwood with a light to medium-brown color that has a thick wood grain. Traditionally, Oak cabinets were stained but it recent years that have started to be painted more than in the past. They tend to be seen as outdated in recent years, but the decrease in popularity has led to them becoming a more economical option.

Clear Alder

While most cabinets that homeowners choose to install are hardwoods, one option that remains popular with homeowners regardless of the strength of the wood is Clear Alder. A popular choice for those looking to maintain a traditional, rustic style, Clear Alder has a similar appearance to Cherry, ranging in color from tannish-brown to a reddish-brown color. It is more in the western portion of the country because it’s widespread availability makes it a cheaper and more accessible option than Cherry.

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