Charactertistics of a Good Cabinet

December 5, 2023

The cabinets that adorn the line of walls in your home are often overlooked. Unlike other structures, the quality of your home’s cabinet can denote your style and affect your overall ambiance. Before you purchase a new cabinet for your kitchen, consider the following qualities:

The Material of the Cabinet

Most cabinets are made with particleboard or a similar wooden material. However, a good cabinet is made from strong plywood that is resistant to insect degradation. It must remain in perfect shape throughout delivery and even during installation. A good plywood board offers stability which allows the cabinet to resist moisture damage.

The Strength and Resistivity of the Cabinet

A good cabinet must be strong enough to handle the weight of heavy kitchen items and countertops. It must also be resistant to scratches and must be impermeable to liquid.

Quality Drawer Fronts

A cabinet drawer front should be made from solid hardwood drawers and heavy plywood bottoms. A common indicator of low-quality cabinets is bending or weak drawer front.


Same as drawer fronts, drawer hinges indicate good or bad quality. A cabinet hinge is important as there is no other way to open or close the cabinet doors. An inferior cabinet hinge is made from low-quality materials and will eventually pose serious inconvenience as they will become loose or stiff in no time. You can spot a quality cabinet by its soft-close hinges.

Surface Finish

The surface finish of your cabinet is another indicator of its quality. A cabinet with a poor or painted finish is bound to chip off within a few years, while a good high gloss finish will last for decades.

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