Common Mistakes with Kitchen Countertops

February 20, 2018

Designing your kitchen countertop is no walkover. At Discount Kitchens Etc, we’ve written common mistakes you should be avoiding.

Wrong Counter Space.

Take the time to think about what necessities you need for your countertop as this is commonly underestimated. Are you a keen cooker? If so, you would probably need a lot of storage for your utilities. Are you looking to entertain your guests? Think about having space for seating.

Poor Layout.

The rule of thumb is to look at the work triangle concept to see how you can design the best layout for your kitchen countertops. Your stove, fridge, and sink need to form a triangle that is easy for the user to navigate.

Poor Lighting Choices.

Having the right lightings can do wonders for your kitchen especially your countertops as you want to make sure it grabs that attention it deserves. A good suggestion is to mix it up with ambient light and spotlighting on specific areas of your kitchen countertop you want to focus on.

Following Bad Trends.

We get it, when we see articles showing the latest trends, we immediately try and envision what it would look like in the kitchen. However, a kitchen countertop design could look horrible in the room as it doesn’t match your walls, appliances, layout settings, etc. Speak with a professional as they will be able to assist you the best layout to compliment your kitchen.

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