Framed Vs. Frameless Cabinets

January 28, 2016

Cabinet design choice sometimes distills down to one of two options: framed cabinets or frameless cabinets. Both cabinet designs offer their own distinct advantage and both types of cabinets are very customizable to suit the homeowner’s preference.

American-style cabinet manufacturers build cabinets using a framed construction. This type of cabinet design features rails and stiles which utilize a 1 ½ inch face frame at the front of the cabinet box.

The benefits of framed construction are sturdier cabinets because of how they are secured to the frame. This gives the cabinet extra strength and rigidity. Framed Cabinets are attached from the door hinge to the face and shelves. Framed cabinets are usually are generally adjustable. Framed cabinets are very customizable, give the homeowner the ability to design and create the look that they want.

Frameless cabinetry is a European style of cabinet design that has increased in popularity in American homes. Frameless cabinets are seen as more elegant and contemporary. Frameless cabinets are sometimes considered “full access” cabinets because of increased accessibility afforded by not incorporating the face frame. Frameless cabinets rely on a thicker box construction for stability. The advantages of frameless construction include not having to deal with a face frame. Frameless cabinets offer a sleek and simple design that can work with any home décor.

Frameless cabinets do not have a center stile in the middle of the cabinet doors. This provides easier access to the items within the cabinet and more storage. Shelving is traditionally adjustable and drawers tend to be larger.

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