Guide to selecting your bathroom cabinetry

June 2, 2018


If you’re looking for ways to upgrade your bathroom, consider investing in bathroom cabinets. Whether it is unassembled versus finish cabinets, cabinets can create a warm look and feel of the entire room. So where do you start?


First things first, understanding your bathroom space is vital as typically a bathroom does not have much room in comparison to a kitchen, so the measurements are critical. With so many options available, it’s essential to narrow down your choices based on what you want to accomplish. If strategizing your bathroom efficiently is what you are aiming for, hiring an interior designer may be the best option to help guide your makeover.

Spend wisely.

Unlike a kitchen remodel, bathroom does not necessarily need a big changeover. Although having said that, you may want to be careful on bathroom vanities and cabinets as it can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars will into the thousands. Hiring a certified contractor can be cost-effective to your investment because of their connections with their manufacturers.

If you’re looking to save yourself even more money, buying unfinished cabinets and installing yourself may come in handy but it can be a tedious project to handle as it can be time-consuming. The best advice we can give is to understand how you use the spaces, so you don’t overbuy what you don’t need.

Follow the trend.

While there might be some wacky ideas on how to utilize your bathroom, there can be some useful trend that can add value to your bathroom. Sometimes it just needs an open mind or another option to follow maximize your bathrooms potential.

Still unsure what to look for? Consider speaking to the team at Discount Kitchens Etc, to prove you the best solution to your bathroom needs!

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