Kitchen Cabinet Style Spotlight: Floor to Ceiling Cabinets

January 14, 2016

Your cabinets set the look and feel of your entire kitchen, and the right cabinets will make your kitchen efficient and easy to use. Choosing the right cabinets will have your kitchen not only looking great but performing seamlessly. If your kitchen is short on storage installing floor to ceiling cabinets may be the perfect solution for you. Floor to ceiling cabinets can help streamline your kitchen while maximizing storage in critical places. With floor to ceiling cabinetry, you can improve your cooking experience by having all your supplies located in one organized place.

This style is often paired with other kitchen trends including open cabinetry and oversized windows to help create an open and bright kitchen while still maximizing storage. You can even highlight some of your favorite serving pieces behind glass doors.  Cabinets are a large part of the overall look of your kitchen, floor to ceiling cabinets take the focus off any large appliances in including your refrigerator.

Discount Kitchen Etc. has the perfect cabinets to fit your kitchen and your budget. Give us a call, or stop our showroom to find the best cabinets for your new kitchen today.

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