Kitchen Cabinet Styles

April 9, 2019

Kitchen cabinetry can add some flair to your kitchen space. When thinking about shopping for kitchen cabinetry, consider that there are various styles to match your needs, taste, and personality. Your choice in cabinetry will help to shape the atmosphere of your kitchen. For any design, be it traditional, industrial, rustic or contemporary, there is cabinetry available to match your desired needs. Here are five popular cabinet styles for you to consider when renovating your kitchen.

1. Traditional

Traditional kitchen cabinets are timeless and always in style, and are generally more classically detailed in style. They tend to feature raised-panel doors, inset recessed door designs and came in a wide array of colors, including whites, reds, browns, and creams. With traditional cabinets, functionality meets elegance.

2. Shaker

Shaker cabinets feature functionality in design and simple and clean lines and are casual and classic in appearance. Stylistically, these cabinets showcase flat-paneled, rail-framed doors, natural wood finishes and painted in neutral white or gray hues.

3. Rustic

If you are looking for cabinetry to match your country or mountain living, rustic design is what you need. The cabinets are large with unique detail and character. Rustic cabinetry has a rugged or matte finish rather than the traditional glossy stain to accentuate the wood element of the cabinetry.

4. Contemporary

Contemporary cabinetry boasts flat surfaces, simple ornaments, and hardware for a sleek, clean design. This cabinet style is ideal for a kitchen with limited space, providing more storage since contemporary cabinetry tend to have no molding.

5. Country

Country cabinetry embodies coziness, homeliness, and timelessness. Their design usually showcases raised bead-board panel doors and uses organic and natural materials, such as solid hardwoods or repurposed/reclaimed wood. While being ornamented, country kitchen cabinetry has a clean look with simple details and shapes and have neutral colors, bright cool hues and warm wooden tones with a vibrant accent.

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