Kitchen Cabinets Can Look Great in Any Space

December 21, 2018


Many homeowners haven’t considered the idea of using kitchen cabinets in rooms of the house that aren’t, in fact, the kitchen, but it can actually be a great choice. Kitchen cabinets are designed to be spacious, durable, and attractive, which are features people want for storage units in all areas of their homes. As you look through this guide, you will find out more about how to utilize kitchen cabinets in a variety of rooms.


Children’s playrooms Because safety is of the utmost importance in playrooms, kitchen cabinets that are bolted to the wall are an excellent option. Little ones can’t pull them down, and custom-designed cabinet units can be mounted at heights that are perfect for kids of all ages.


Mudrooms and utility rooms In most households, mudrooms, and utility rooms store cleaning supplies and other essential items that don’t need to be displayed in the main living area of your home. Kitchen cabinets are ideal for these rooms because they are specially engineered for storage, they can be custom-built to hold what you need to store, and they come in a variety of sizes to keep everything from spray bottles to brooms.


Dining rooms In decades past, particularly during the mid-century era and prior, it was common to have built-in storage cabinets in dining rooms; some older houses still have their original cabinets. This allowed families to keep dishes, serving supplies, and other necessities close at hand without cluttering the kitchen. Although this is no longer common, you can absolutely add kitchen cabinets to your dining room to provide extra storage and a historical look.


Dens and family rooms Quite frequently, dens and family rooms are where “everything else” ends up going. This may include DVDs, board games, kids’ toys, and other items that don’t have another dedicated space in your home. Installing some custom kitchen cabinets in your den or family room will allow you to easily store these items, allowing quick access for every member of your household without leading to clutter.


We enjoy all of the home renovation projects we have the pleasure of working on, but especially enjoy helping families create more functional spaces to enjoy. If you are thinking about having kitchen cabinets installed in an unconventional area, call Discount Kitchens etc today to schedule a consultation. We’ll work with you to make sure you select the best cabinetry for your space and your lifestyle.

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