Painted vs Stained Cabinets

February 28, 2019

You’re remodeling your kitchen, and one of the biggest decisions you’ll be faced with is what type of cabinets you’ll be installing in your home. There are a ton of different options to choose from, so how do you start to narrow down the choices?

Well, you can start with deciding whether painted cabinets or stained wood cabinets will fit the décor of your home better.

So, what will it be?
Painted or stained cabinets?

Painted Cabinets

Besides the obvious ability to choose any color to fit your homes décor, painted cabinets offer a few other advantages as well.
• Painted cabinets have a clean aesthetic look to them and crisp, bold lines.
• It can be a more cost-effective option, especial if you have MDF cabinets, which are typically cheaper than real wood cabinets.
• It’s easier to apply on the aforementioned MDF cabinets and will help make those MDF cabinets look better than with traditional stain.
• You can resurface your old cabinets with a fresh coat of paint to bring an older kitchen to life on a limited budget.

Stained Cabinets

Staining your cabinets gives the kitchen a much more traditional feel and can bring out the natural beauty of the wood.
Here are a few advantages to stained cabinets:
• Stain highlights the natural beauty of the wood, which is a huge bonus for many homeowners who love the traditional look.
• With a thinner consistency than paint, stain allows the wood’s natural beauty to shine through.
• Touching-up your cabinets is so easy when they are stained! Stain blends well and the touch-ups will cover much better than paint, which may be hard to find an exact match.

Painted or Stained?

So, choose whichever will fit the look and feel of your home and your budget best, and enjoy your new kitchen!

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