Popular Kitchen Cabinet Styles

October 26, 2021

Stunning kitchen cabinet styles are indispensable for a practical and beautiful kitchen. However, designing a kitchen is can be a considerable task to handle alone. There are many factors to consider: the budget, the available space, the ease of use, the desired look. Whether you start working as a kitchen designer yourself or as a professional, here are some popular kitchen cabinet styles to consider on your next cabinet remodeling.

Shaker Cabinet

The shaker is the most popular cabinet style because it can adequately adapt and blend different aesthetics, whether modern, transitional, or traditional. The shaker style makes use of a simple frame and panel structure to achieve this classical feel.

This classic style is adaptable to different sizes of budget. If you are on a tight budget, you can opt for an economical material.

Modern Cabinet

Modern cabinets are distinguished through their modest look. This style is less detailed when compared to other kitchen cabinet styles. The structure of most modern cabinets would see cabinet doors that are flat panels with a full overlay.

Woods used for these cabinets are generally the ones with little grain and stick to natural stains. You can apply some paint to give the cabinet a modern look. Apart from woods, your modern cabinet can also be styled from metals, concrete, glass, plastic, etc.

Traditional cabinet

The traditional kitchen cabinet is the most formal of all cabinet styles. Traditional cabinet style takes inspiration from the golden age of Europe, and as such, most styles incorporate carved ornaments details.

A traditional cabinet usually has doors with raised panels, which occasionally feature an arched design. This style is often made with rich-colored woods; its carved details may be treated with either glazing or antiquing.

Glass Front cabinet

Glass-front cabinets are one style that can be used perfectly with other Kitchen cabinet designs. The cabinet style is a top choice for minimalistic kitchen remodeling. This style is ideal if you want your kitchen area to look spacious. The glass from the cabinet also keeps the inside of your cabinet on display; it helps to locate kitchen equipment accurately.

In addition, the glass used in the cabinet style helps limit dust from forming, unlike that of open shelving.

Open shelves

Open shelves like glass fronts are suitable for displaying the inside of your cabinet. Also, the style requires a high level of tidiness to prevent visual clutter. Open shelves are beneficial for small kitchens because they help create more storage space within a limited area.

Louvered Cabinet

Louvered cabinets are the top choice when dealing with Kitchen islands and decorative cabinets. These louvered cabinets are created with horizontal wooden slats, adding texture to its feature. If you require ventilation, the spaces between each slat can help provide this.

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