Quick and Easy DIY Projects for your Kitchen

August 15, 2018

Not every kitchen project consists of hiring a contractor. There are simple tasks that don’t require a huge amount of your time and could make a huge impact to your current kitchen! We have provided some helpful ideas for homeowners that we consistently run into.

Swapping out your faucet.

Nowadays, plumbing fixtures are continually evolving and new features are added such as touchless sensors and the ability to switch from the water stream to spray. Consider replacing your old faucet with a new one? You don’t have to be a plumber as there are countless of video tutorials that will allow you to follow step by step to make this an easy job.

Hanging your pots.

This is a great way to save some storage in your drawers. If you have an island, consider hanging a pot rack over it or next to your stove where it within arm’s length while cooking. Your kitchen will instantly look like an upgrade.

Add under cabinet lighting.

This may get a little tricky if you are not an electrician or well equipped with certain tools but it is doable! Under cabinet lighting can be a fancy addition to your kitchen, it can bring out your kitchens true attributes with a switch of a button. We recommend using LED lights as it saves energy and costs. You should be able to find them at your local hardware store.

Change out cabinet hardware.

Probably one of the easiest of them all is swapping out the old with a new modern slick looking cabinets however, depending on how old your cabinets or how it is first installed, measuring the dimension is crucial when replacing them. We recommend measuring out your drawers or carry one to your local store and ask for an assistant on what options they may have for replacement. Keep in mind, cost could quickly add up if you decide to buy 20-30 of them.

Dividers and additional shelves.

If you have a bit of room in the kitchen, utilize it by adding a shelf for those extra bowls and plates that you only need for those “special occasions”. Another useful tip in keeping your kitchen organized is dividers. They can help separate your kitchen equipment’s which can come in handy.




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