Renovating Your Kitchen for Increased Property Value

January 20, 2016

For property owners looking to increase the value of their home or apartment, updating their kitchen through renovations is a good place to start. The state of a kitchen is often the most coveted area for potential home buyers. Beginning with new kitchen appliances or cabinets can certainly help increase your property’s overall value in no time. Continue reading to learn more about the idea of renovating your kitchen. 

Expectations For A Typical Kitchen Remodel

A typical kitchen remodel in America costs roughly $15,000 on average and takes upwards of a month to compete. The extent of how much a property’s value will increase after a kitchen remodel is determined by a handful of factors. There are some factors property owners have no control over, such as the age or location of the kitchen.  Depending on the age and location of the building the kitchen is in, the increase of a home or apartment’s value will vary. 

Kitchen Renovations Ideas

Want to renovate your kitchen but do not know where to start? A great way to see a return on a kitchen renovation is by upgrading to wood or wood-like floors throughout the kitchen area. Improving the floors is a good way to bring new energy into your kitchen while providing a fresh new look. After renovating the kitchen floor, property owners should work on updating and redesigning their kitchen. From updating and adding cabinets to adding a kitchen island to enhancing the light fixtures.

Reasons To Do Kitchen Remodel This Year

  • The current kitchen no longer meets your needs and cooking style
  • Looking To Boost Home’s Value on the market
  • Your Home’s Kitchen has never been remodeled in the past

Professional Kitchen Cabinets In Weymouth, MA

Discount Kitchens can help get your kitchen remodeling off the ground! For nearly four decades now, our team has helped homeowners pick out the right cabinets. We continue to offer a great selection of customizable kitchen cabinets that Massachusett residents can come see in our showroom! Always feel free to contact us to get started or to learn more!

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