Should I Use Light or Dark Cabinets? 

June 1, 2021

The cabinets in your kitchen play a big part in not just the functionality of the space, but the aesthetics of the space too. Kitchen cabinets come in nearly any color or style you could think of. All of those choices can be overwhelming to say the least! The biggest question when it comes down to picking kitchen cabinets is always the same – should they be light or dark? The answer isn’t the same for everyone, but you can take these things into consideration before making your pick! 

How Big Is The Space? 

Lighter cabinets are better at making spaces feel larger. If your kitchen is small, adding dark cabinets will make it feel even smaller. Stick to lighter colors for a smaller kitchen to avoid a claustrophobic feeling kitchen. 

How Much Natural Light Is In The Space? 

Natural light tends to make a room feel larger compared to the same space with less natural light. Lots of natural light should be paired with dark cabinets that will truly shine under the sun’s rays. The light will contrast the dark cabinetry to avoid making the space feel too small. If you put light cabinets into a space that already gets a lot of natural light, they will likely get washed out and lost in the background instead of acting as the focal point of the kitchen. 

What’s Your Personal Style? 

The style that you want your home to emulate should be a consideration before you choose light or dark cabinetry too. Dark cabinets are typically associated with more luxurious, mature styles of design. They draw attention and stand out. Light cabinets are modern, airy, and easy to transform with the addition of other design pieces throughout the room. 

Consider Your Lifestyle 

Finally, you should take your lifestyle into account before choosing light or dark. Light cabinets are going to show dirt and stains more quickly, so you’ll probably find yourself cleaning them frequently if you live in a home with kids or pets. Dark cabinets are better at hiding dirt and stains so they’ll offer more convenience if you live in an environment where messes are inevitable. Think of it this way; if you have kids and pets would you choose a light-colored couch that shows dirt or a dark couch that hides it? Of course, cleaning cabinets is a little easier than cleaning the fabric of a couch, but it’s still something to consider. 

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