Signs its Time For New Kitchens Cabinets

August 28, 2023

Cabinets can last for decades, but they do not last forever. We can bet there are many cabinets across the country that were built decades ago and no longer fit the style of modern trends. So even if a cabinet is still intact and still functioning, it may be better off if replaced. Here are five common signs that signal it is probably time for new kitchen cabinets.

1. Lack of Storage Space

There may come a time when your current cabinet space is no longer sufficient. This can be due to your cooking habits changing, growing family size or desire for more kitchen materials. Whatever the reason, if you are cramming objects in your current cabinet space or finding a lack of space to place items, new kitchen cabinets can create larger storage room.

2. They Do Not Perform as Well As They Use To

Opening and closing your kitchen cabinets should be a seamless process. If your kitchen cabinets have become difficult to open or collide with other parts of your kitchen, it is probably best to get new cabinets.

3. Significant Water Damage

Cabinets can experience water damage from time to time, and some cases are so severe it is challenging for the cabinet to return to its old form. If your cabinets encounter significant water damage and are already old, consider new replacement cabinets. Cabinets that encounter water damage are also susceptible to creating mold and unpleasant smells.

4. New Kitchen Layout

If you want or pursue a new kitchen layout, your old cabinets probably will no longer fit in.

5. Notable Wear & Tear

Last but certainly not least, cracks, peels, and damages to your cabinets indicate it’s time for new cabinets. Cabinets with cracks, peels, and damages will not heal on their own.

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