Stock Cabinets vs. Custom Cabinets

October 23, 2019

When replacing your home’s kitchen cabinets, one of the most important decisions you will need to make is deciding whether you want to install stock cabinets, or custom cabinets in your kitchen. Both present they’re own pros and cons, so let’s take a look below at why you may want to choose one or the other!

Stock Cabinets

To begin, let’s examine stock cabinets. For homeowners who want replacement cabinets installed as quickly as possible, the best option is to order stock cabinets. You can generally browse a manufacturer’s selection of cabinets on their website, ensuring you know what the cabinets will look like before installing them in your home. In addition to a quick delivery time, stock cabinets also tend to be the least expensive option when replacing your kitchen cabinets. However, if you have a specific aesthetic in mind for your home, stock cabinet likely won’t be able to meet your needs.

Custom Cabinets

If stock cabinets don’t offer enough options to homeowners in need of specific cabinets, you can consider installing custom kitchen cabinets. Custom cabinets are the best option if you know exactly what you’re looking for. If you have specific needs from your kitchen cabinets, both in terms of dimensions for storage, but also aesthetically, custom cabinets present the best chance at building the perfect cabinet for your needs. Custom kitchen cabinets offer fantastic durability and style options, because they can be designed to your exact specifications.

However, there are drawbacks to choosing custom kitchen cabinets for your home. The first is that custom kitchen cabinets are expensive. You will pay considerably more for custom cabinets than stock, but you get the quality you pay for. The other major drawback is that they take a long time to build and install. While stock cabinets can be installed in your home in a matter of days, building custom kitchen cabinets can take months, meaning if you’re in need of replacement cabinets because your current cabinets have failed in some way, you likely will not want to wait the months that it will take to receive your new cabinets.

Semi-Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Finally, for homeowners who need the customization, but don’t want to break the bank installing new cabinets, semi-custom cabinets are often the best option. Semi-custom cabinets provide far more in terms of design options than stock, but they are not nearly as expensive as fully-custom cabinets. If many ways, semi-custom cabinets offer the best of both worlds in terms of affordability and customization, making them the best option for most homeowners!

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