January 27, 2016

Supplier Spotlight: WOLF

Serving over 4,000 independent dealers in the United States for over 170 years, Discount Kitchen Etc. are happy to work with WOLF. WOLF develops and transports high-value building products to a rapidly growing national and international market. WOLF sources private label products of excellent value and works with the industry’s most well-known and respected brands to offer independent dealers with the quality they deserve.

In 1843, the company was founded by Adam Wolf, who started his enterprise with one lumber store in rural Pennsylvania. Over the years, Wolf’s company eventually took a dramatic transformation when he began embracing the country’s newest transportation fad at that time, the railroad. This major expansion led to faster delivery times and improved customer service.

They have continued to develop and deliver high-value building supplies to a rapidly growing market to guarantee success. Discount Kitchens Etc. are pleased to be associated with WOLF and all the quality products they can offer to our customers. For more information on our suppliers and services contact Discount Kitchen Etc. at (781) 337-8123.

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