Color Ideas for Painting Kitchen Cabinets

May 15, 2019

A touch of paint can take your kitchen from drab to fab. It’s one of the easiest and best ways to add new life to your kitchen. Your cabinetry can be a place to start when deciding to give your kitchen a paint makeover. Whether you are interested in vibrant colors, soothing or subdued hues, you can punch up your cabinets how you see fit. There are many kitchen paint color ideas that can inspire you, and with a lot of colors out there, it may be difficult to settle on a particular color scheme for your kitchen cabinets.


Combine Dark Grey and White

White and dark gray can help to create anticipation for other design feature of your kitchen. Dark gray can ground a kitchen design. For example, if you have satin brass hardware, it could pop against the rich, dark grey, while white on the upper cabinets and walls will allow the space to feel bright and light. Overall, the combination of rich, dark grey and white adds a touch of classic style and luxury and projects a feeling of a quiet, peaceful, and clean atmosphere.


Aim High with Sky Blue

Among the popular kitchen colors for cabinets is sky blue. Darker blues help to create a bold contrast, as well as an airy, ethereal vibe. If your walls are white and you have stainless steel accents, sky blue can give the space considerable depth and warmth, make a statement and create a timeless feel in the space.


Paint Your Cabinets Pastel

One way to avoid bold hues in your kitchen, but still brighten up space is by making your cabinet pastel in tone. Pastels generate calmness and serenity and are easy to work with and can be dressed up or down, but still give your cabinets a dreamy feel. Pastel cabinets will create a light and airy kitchen atmosphere.


Run With Red

Whether it’s lower cabinets are upper cabinets, you can add a vibrant red shade without it becoming overpowering. Red cabinets can make for a bright, crisp, splashy kitchens. It can also give your kitchen a modern, energized and unique feel. Red need to be used in balance with other colors and accessories to be most effective.


Since you spend such quality time in the kitchen, it makes sense that it reflects your taste and personality. Choosing the right paint for your kitchen cabinet can transform your kitchen. Discount Kitchens etc can provide you will great cabinetry options, with color that evoke modern appeal, to hues that make your space feel peaceful and inviting.


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