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Painted vs Stained Cabinets

You’re remodeling your kitchen, and one of the biggest decisions you’ll be faced with is what type of cabinets you’ll be installing in your home. There are a ton of different options to choose from, so how do you start to narrow down the choices? Well, you can start with deciding whether painted cabinets or […]

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Common Mistakes with Kitchen Countertops

Designing your kitchen countertop is no walkover. At Discount Kitchens Etc, we’ve written common mistakes you should be avoiding. Wrong Counter Space. Take the time to think about what necessities you need for your countertop as this is commonly underestimated. Are you a keen cooker? If so, you would probably need a lot of storage […]

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10 Kitchen Renovation Ideas to Dig Into This Winter

The kitchen is considered as the heart of the home. A room where families gather and cook together and create beautiful memories. If your kitchen is looking a little dated and needs an upgrade, then this is the perfect time for you spruce up your kitchen. Here are some renovation ideas to get you started: […]

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Low-Cost Upgrades For Your Kitchen

We understand renovating your kitchen can be expensive but you don’t necessarily have to break the bank to design that dream kitchen that you have been looking. We’ve come up with some helpful tips that may help you re-think how to renovate your kitchen. Swap out cabinet hardware. One of the easiest yet surprising impact […]

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Questions Before Any Kitchen Remodel

At Discount Kitchens Etc, we understand how important it is when making a significant investment in your kitchen. There’s just so much to consider first before getting started. We’ve come up with some helpful questions you should ask yourself before scheduling a project. What is my budget? One of the most crucial steps, before writing […]

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Important Kitchen Cabinet Terms

If you’re shopping around for new cabinets, there is alot that is probably on your mind. It’s important as you look around that you are able to speak the language that many others could be using. Listed below are some terms that could make your cabinet purchasing process a little bit easier. Close Grain is a […]

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